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    Copy changing overlay from movie


      Hello everybody,


      I'm complety new to Adobe After Effects but I'm trying to copy something from a YouTube movie. In this movie a road/ track appears slowly as an overlay at the front of the video. Next to this line (the road) appears some town names and distance from the start. Also a North arrow appears.

      The line starts white but after a few seconds it becomes bleu from the start till the end.




      Almost at the end:



      I want to copy this track. But I doesn't know exactly how to do it. Also because it gets fatter over time. Do I have to select this track using the pen tool or with the roto brush tool or am I complety wrong. If I select the track also the line at the road is added to the selection. I can't read the white and blue letters very well.


      Could somebody help me with a (beginners) step-by-step plan for copying this?

      Or would somebody copy this for me?


      Thank you





      (Ps Sorry for the grammar but English is not my motherlanguage)