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    Custom emoji transfer to phone text?


      So curiosity, Lets say I created an emoji in Ai then saved it off as a png so I could go into Ps and change certain attributes... yata yata yata

      Is there anyway to transfer that custom emoji to my phones text messaging capabilities? Not as a picture of an emoji but an actual text emoji?

      I have looked on YouTube, searched google and forums on here. I know they make apps now to create a semi personal emoji but that's not what I'm looking for.

      I saw one comment on You Tube that someone asked the same question and the person that replied just said "not possible," is this true?

      If this is not true, how would one go about it?



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          It's not possible. Emojis are defined as extended Unicode characters and how they are rendered inside the apps is utterly dependent on the operating system's text engine recognizing those codes and some font glyph or icon existing for it to be displayed. Unless you have access to the source code and can modify these things there simply is no way. Especially with mobile phones you would have to jailbreak it or have a developer certivicate to hack the app packages, which has other ill sideeffects. So until the day Apple and Google will allow user-defined emojis simply stay away from it and don't bother.



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