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    Controlling Streaming Sound

    yevri Level 1
      I have a movie with a sound on the timeline set to stream and it is synched with the animation. I now need a button to stop the sound. I used the stop all sounds behavior and that works fine. But if I want that button to toggle and all the sound to be heard again wherever they are in the movie, what do I need to do at this point? Do I have to create a sound object and go through that hassle of setting sound objects, declaring things like I'm going through customs, etc.? I'd like to avoid a lot of work just to allow them to turn the sound back on (no more money in the budget and I'm already waay over scope). Isn't there some behavior I can use that will just set all sounds to volume 0 or volume 100?

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          Try creating another button with this code on it....

          on (release) {
          gotoAndPlay("either put the frame number here or make a frame lable titled on and put 'on' in here");

          this button will start the music back up again once all sounds are stopped.
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            yevri Level 1
            Thanks. The only problem with that is I have an animation in the main timeline and a soundtrack that is synched with it. There's no music timeline that I can start back up. The animation will continue on without sound after they've click the button to stop all sounds. I'd like the sound just to come back up when they click the button again and play from wherever they are in the timeline. Is there a way to do that? Can't you just make the volume 0 and when they click again it puts the volume at 100?