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    Bug on youtube export module


      My Premiere Elements 14 version has been working properly for many weeks, until some days ago, without any obvious reason that could be linked to the event (Windows/Adobe update), there was a change or bug during the youtube export. At some point you are always asked t classify your new upload into some categories. This field is no more active, at least it doesn't react to any mouse interaction. No big deal, I would say, but the field has to be filled to continue the export dialogue. Which means, I cannot do any direct export to youtube any more.

      Thanks in advance for all notices, that I can first export to a file and then upload to youtube, but for my father I would like to keep the prcess as simple as possible, and I simply cannot understand why it worked for a long time without any issues, and now it simply stopped wrking.


      Help or tipps and tricks very much appreciated.


      Regards Thorsten

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Simplest solution is to just use Export & Share/Devices/Computer to output a 1920x1080 video in the MP4 format -- then use YouTube to upload the video from your computer to YouTube.


          Doing this is much easier than trying to get the upload feature working in Premiere Elements.

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            fambotours Level 1

            I fear you are probably right. I would do so, If I was personnally concerned, but as I said, it's my father who is concerned, and I would like to keep it as simple as possible, so maybe so guys around here have already experienced this bug and do know a workaround (see also my second comment)

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              fambotours Level 1

              Update: While playing aroung with the update dialogue, we have been able  to get it working 2 times. While stupidely switching to options within the dialogue, a category finally appeared and unblocked the export process. But it looks like it's really a bug, in these two cases "comedy" and "entertainment" appeared as selected options, but without any possibility to open the dropdown box, not to say switching to other category option. Nonetheless, the export process was successfull !?! If this bug cannot be fixed, maybe Adobe should make it optional, so at least people are not stuck within the export process.