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    "Place Linked" from Lightroom (windows)

    karpiyon Level 1

      Is there an option to place a linked smart option directly from lightroom into Photoshop in windows?

      I found this explanation but it reffers to mac:

      • Option + (Mac) | Alt + (Win) drag and drop a file from Bridge to an open document in Photoshop to create a linked Smart Object. Note: this shortcut will also work if you drag and drop from Lightroom into an open Photoshop document on the Mac.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          My knowledge is limited! but I believe that Windows does not allow the Drag&Drop method.

          The method I have seen and used is to-

          1.Have open an image,  or Open a new background layer image in Photoshop,

          2. Ps {Menu- File > Place Linked...}   and then find the file in the explorer dialog that opens. (helps to remember the filename and location   )


          Any Development  you have done to the 'Placed' image in Lightroom needs to be saved to an xml file by [CTRL+S] within Lightroom before 'Placing' into Ps.

          If you also use ACR to alter the 'placed' layer in Photoshop (by a layer icon double-click),  back in Lightroom you need to "Read metadata from File" to show those changes in the Lightroom library grid view.

          So- 'saving the metadata' in both Lr and ACR is the clue to allowing photoshop to share the Lightroom edits.


          I had believed that this needs the background layer to be the same size as the image being 'placed' but I just did a trial and Photoshop auto-transformed it down to smaller background pixel dimensions without a hitch.

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            karpiyon Level 1


            I'll stick with the bridge method.


            I open the image in explorer and extract the path.

            open in bridge and alt+drag to PS.