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    ADE to Kobo e-reader problem with new laptop


      This is the first time I have written in a forum but I am annoyed and disappointed so I am going to write in the hope that someone somewhere will be able to help me! I successfully used ADE with my laptop, transferring library books to my Kobo e-reader. I then had to buy a new laptop (Windows 10 with ADE v4.5) and am now not able to transfer books. Over the past 3 days I have spent hours reading these Adobe forums and have tried everything suggested. This includes de/re authorising, deregit/re reg, uninstall/reinstall,  install earlier version (as recommended ?1.2.7, have forgotten now). Sometimes the books get as far as appearing in the ADE library but will not transfer to the connected Kobo e-reader. After I try another way they don't download there at all. When I check the authorisation, both the laptop and the Kobo say they are authorised to my account. I even tried setting up a new Adobe account using my little used gmail address but this was also unsuccessful. Each time I get a different error message including:'You can only authorise this computer with an Adobe ID that hasn't been previously used to authorise any other computer or mobile devices', 'Error- check Activation', 'Too Many Activations', 'Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER'.  I de-registered and de-authorised my old laptop. I checked the ADE version on the old laptop in case that made a difference. That one was v 3 so I then installed that on my new laptop. I have read about the possible need to ask Adobe to re-set my Adobe ID or re-set my Activations. Presumably I have entered something incorrectly somewhere but I have been going round in circles trying to sort it out myself. Yesterday I was pleased to find an Adobe Chatline but after 40 minutes I was no further on! A very pleasant man told me that he wasn't skilled to solve my problem and he sent me a link.........to this forum!! I am so exasperated as I don't know what to do next. I simply want to be able to transfer library books to my Kobo e-reader, which is what I could do previously without any problems. As the Chatline person didn't have the skill, I hope that a member of Adobe staff reads this and can help!

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          It is exactly one week later and there has been no help at all from any Adobe staff. I have just checked out their Support section again and now see........Free Adobe apps are eligible only for community support.

          I think this is very poor and totally unhelpful. Surely there is someone who could help sort out my, and other people's, problems easily, with the knowledge. Such a dead-end as I do not know what to try next and in reading so many comments on the forums it seems that Adobe have made everything very unnecessarily complicated.