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    changing color expression


      hi all

      im using the cc latest updates after effects and working on a win.

      i have built a shaped heart from squares shape layers and precomp it. their are 14 shape layer and a repeater  in each shape.

      im looking to wipe the color randomly  to all squares apart but  when im trying to do so it effect the whole repeater and not each square.

      in addition i want to wipe one color to another randomly from 6 specific colors i have.

      any expression i can use?

      the route again is : repeater inside a shape inside a comp.

      any idea?


      thanks aheadArtboard 1-100.jpg

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot apply expressions to pre-composed stuff or repeaters. Expressions have no magic. They cannot do anything you can't do manually. What you can do hoiwever is use effects like Mosaic, Card Dance and so on to create grid-like patterns that match your layout and use them. E.g. a simple linear wipe quantized with Mosaic and then colorized with Tritone or Colorama can create quite a few interestings color change animations. Similar looks can be created by using other wipe patterns and methods. You have to experiment around and stack effects to achieve the result you want.