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    Purple lines across top of images upon importing to library


      For some time now I am experiencing 3 to 4 purple lines across the top of the first images up to 12 approx) when importing images from a memory card.

      Sometimes when I reinstall the same images they disappear or if I export to the desk top they disappear (as a jpg).

      I have eliminated the following;

      Camera, I have 2 cameras, a Nikon 750 and a Fujifilm X-T2. It happens on both cameras.

      Memory cards, I have changed memory cards. Problem still exists.

      Memory card reader, I have purchased a new one. Problem still exists.


      I use an Apple iMac OS XE1 Capitan which has been ok up to now with Lightroom CC.


      I shoot in Raw + Fine on the Nikon  and Raw on the Fuji.


      My belief is the problem is a Lightroom CC software problem as I have eliminated the associated hardware.


      Can anyone help please?