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    Cursor Problems in Photoshop/InDesign


      Something really strange has been going on and it's driving me nuts!  I've searched the forums, google and can't find anything solutions so hopefully someone here can help. 


      The problem has to do with my cursor in Photoshop and InDesign - it will start to flicker if I try to select something such as a layer, and then I can't move it at all.  It feels similar to when your mouse is about to die, but mine is not (it's brand new).  Let me also add in that this only happens when I'm connected to my Apple Thunderbolt monitor... and the cursor only does this in Adode programs... all other programs (outlook, chrome, word), it works fine.  I'm pretty much to the point where I can't work in Photoshop and use my monitor.  It's just too difficult.  Please help!!

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          erinc23686672 Level 1

          I ended up resolving this myself and thought I would post so hopefully Adobe can fix the issue.


          The problem lies within the cursor size.  I had previously increased the size and for some reason that's what was making it flicker and not move within photoshop/indesign. When I moved it back to the normal size, everything worked fine.  Really strange!!


          Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.19.33 PM.png