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    Html text and accend or special chars

      Hi guys,

      I've been searching in the whole website but I've never found something about this problem. I've a multilingual website with textfields html enabled.

      mytext_txt.html = true;
      mytext_txt.htmlText = "È";

      the result should be É but it shows È

      When i send a char with its html translation flash doesn't show the right char but the string as it is. I've found the only few chars correctly showed are & < and >.

      Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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          Have a peek in flash help for:
          Working with Text and Strings > Using HTML-formatted text > About supported HTML entities

          It lists very few xml character codes (your problem), but more options are available for ascii & unicode text.
          I'm guessing that you dont want to modify your multilingual data so you may need to write a search & replace routine to swap xml char codes for ascii or unicode values...

          good luck