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    reflectionMap is only working for one camera

      I´m using a reflectionMap on some object and it works fine with the default camera, but when I change to another camera the texture that I use for the reflectionMap behaves like a normal texture, that is, it does not move when the camera moves.
      So it seems that the reflectionMap is only working for the default camera.
      Is there a way around this?
        • 1. reflectionMap is only working for one camera
          This is very interesting and something I never realized till you pointed it out. For YEARS I've just assumed that the reflection mapping in Shockwave is broken since I always use a custom camera "rig" and never use the default camera! If anyone figures out how to get proper reflections in another camera let us know!

          Further, I've always used the #specularLight setting instead, since it always behaves more like a reflection, works with any camera, and has never looked like specular lighting (IMHO).