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    Which version of Adobe Forms I have to use for my AEM 6.1 SP2

    Eakambaram Level 1

      Hi Team,


      I have AEM 6.1 SP2 Installed on Mac Laptop. I wanted to install AEM Forms Add on on my AEM 6.1 SP2.

      Which version I have to download and install from Package share?


      Is it AEM-FORMS-6.1.SP1 or AEM-FORMS-6.1-SP2. I am not able to find one with AEM-FORMS-6.1.


      Or If i download and install AEM-FORMS-6.1-SP2 will that work.


      I am using Mac OS. Which one i have to use LX or WIN or SOL or AIX or WIN (Example : AEM-FORMS-6.1-SP1-LX).



      Best Regards

      Eakambaram Yadav