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    Help! I broke Acrobat Pro


      I was sent a .PDF. I went to EDIT and it auto placed a lot of text fields.  Did want I wanted it do.  We decided to add a small java script for auto TODAY.  Followed direction on this web link Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro: PDF Forms: Inserting an Automatic Date Field, UWEC


      Now, when I open it and go to tools and Edit Text & Images it says:

      "Acrobat has detected that this page does not have editable text or has scanned content. Such documents are best edited by converting to another format using the Export File option in Content Editing Panel."

      It did not do this BEFORE I start following those steps.  I went back to a copy of the version of pdf BEFORE  the java thing.... it says same message. I  changed a setting or something in Acrobat Pro IX some how.  Please help.