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    Best Software for Developer Noob?


      I tried Animate CC, which is great for creating gifs and movies. 

      But as far as interactive content goes ie buttons that stay in down state, I have been pulling my hair out for the past few months.

      While I really want to learn, I don't have time to go take javascript classes or whatever else it takes. I am doing this for my in office job.


      Any Adobe Software you would recommend?

      Thank you!


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you don't have time to learn, you'll have less ability to customize.  that applies to all developer tools, not just those from adobe.


          animate cc is great for flexibility and customizing your production files but requires a significant amount of time to master.  creating buttons that remain in the down-state after clicking is easiest (imo) to understand using movieclip buttons (but this can also be done with less code using simple buttons).  eg, if you have an array of movieclip buttons with keyframes, 'up', 'over' and 'down' you could use:


          var mcA:Array=[mc0,mc2,...,mc9];

          for(var i:int=0;i<mcA.length;i++){






          function overF(e:MouseEvent):void{



          function upF(e:MouseEvent):void{



          } else {




          function downF(e:MouseEvent):void{

          for(var i:int=0;i<mcA.length;i++){









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            sarahp57481846 Level 1

            Thank you for your response. I'm trying to figure out what the code you posted means.


            I'll get there eventually.  What I understand from this and other suggestions I have read, is that I can make the downstate of each button into a movie clip.  Then within the movie clip, insert the "go to and stop" code snippet to the state I want the button to stay at.  Is this correct?  I've tried it but it didnt work, so I must be misunderstanding something.


            I've moved on to other projects at work, though I am determined to understand this language.  Thanks again.