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    Hyperlinks Issue


      I have CC 2017, and have created a catalog with hyperlinks to charts that are .pdf. When I hyperlink to the .pdf in InDesign, the hyperlink works; i.e. when I click on the file in the hyperlink panel, it goes to the .pdf I want. However, when I export the InDesign file to a .pdf, the hyperlink take you to a URL (default homepage in Chrome).


      I have tried deleting the hyperlink, recreating it and the same thing happens.


      Is there a setting that I need to change? I have more than one hyperlink to a chart (ie multiple charts I have separate hyperlinks to), and none of them are working.


      Here is a screenshot of what the hyperlink looks like:


      Here is what the hyperlink panel looks like. Even though I have the hyperlink linked to a file, it is showing up as a URL. I think this is where the problem lays, but I don't know how to fix it. I know that is needs to read the file name and not "http://." The path is "broken" I guess.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The destination path needs to be a location that will be accessible from the deployed final PDF, typically the URL of the file on a live server. Your destination path looks "local," and rather deep.


          To use a local path, make it zero levels deep by placing a copy of the target PDF in the same folder where you'll export the PDF containing the hyperlink, and set the destination path to \targetFilename.pdf

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            ashleys21591 Level 1

            I did as you suggested, and the hyperlink still opened to the homepage of Chrome. Is there a setting I need to fix on either the pdf or in the hyperlink in the InDesign file??

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              ashleys21591 Level 1

              I ended figuring out that I needed to update my pdf reader. I read that a lot of people where having problems with their pdf reader not reading hyperlinks correctly when exporting from InDesign to pdf. I figured it was my pdf reader because in InDesign the hyperlinks were linking correctly when I checked where the hyperlinks went.


              If you're having the same problem, check what version pdf reader you have. Updating it might be the fix!