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    Windows 10 Taking Over all File Extentions

    tripoli74 Level 1

      Windows 10 Creators Update has decided it wants to take over as the default app for most of my commonly used file types.  I keep setting PDF file types to Acrobat Pro and Microsoft will automatically, and without asking, set the default app type to MS Edge.  I set image types to the Adobe applications I would like, and within a few hours, I watch notices pop-up in my Windows taskbar informing me that Microsoft is changing the default apps to take care of some app problems.  Additionally, this is occurring with HTML and Web extensions as well.


      Does anyone know how to stop this?  I have used multiple OS procedures to set the app defaults, they stay set and work for a while, and then Microsoft decides to change them.


      This creeping effort to control my devices, software, files, and O.S. is getting me down and is bad news for consumers.  I think Adobe is really getting hurt by this anti-competitive behavior by the OS vendors.

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          If you really want this craziness to stop, I would most strongly recommend you complain directly and vociferously along with other users to Microsoft and its executives. They are purposely doing this claiming that this is a “service to their customers to assure that they get the best experience.” Adobe and other software vendors have complained about this since Windows 10 was first released. Apparently, every time there is a major update to Windows 10 (such as the recent so-called “Creators Update”), all such file associations are either reset to Microsoft applications or you are prompted the first time you double-click on such a file.


                    - Dov