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    Lost bookmarks between DC and XPro


      Always when rushed . . .

      I extensively bookmark very long legal records in Acrobat. I use DC Pro. A couple of weeks ago I received a notice that it was no longer able to open documents and that I had to uninstall and re-install it. I was rushed and didn't want to learn how to do that, so I just used Acrobat X Pro temporarily, which was still on my computer. Has been working fine. Today, all of my bookmarks from the documents created in DC are gone. The document is there, but no bookmarks.


      I thought maybe they wouldn't open in X Pro anymore, so I tried to open DC again. The app opened without the error message, but when I try to open a document in DC, I now get the message that the document itself has disappeared and no longer exists. I'm thinking that the two programs don't like talking to eachother?? Any ideas how to recover my bookmarks? BTW "Hide After Use is not checked" and Initial Visibility is set to Page and Bookmarks.

      Very, very grateful for any ideas.

      I use macbook pro, and Yosemite 10.10.5