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    Dollar Photo Club - The Pain Never Ends


      I joined Adobe Stock because I had approximately 70 unused Dollar Photo Credits in April 2016.  I spent months trying to get the credits transferred over being passed back and forth between DPC and Adobe before I gave up.  At this point I had already paid for 30 stock images from adobe so I left it as the rate was low.  I never got a renewal notice in April this year so it came and went without me getting any warning.  I happened to notice it on my credit card bill this month.  Suddenly my monthly bill is 3 times as much and if I want to cancel it is another $135.99 USD.

      1) Never got the DPC that enticed me to sign up

      2) Never got the renewal notice (it is not in my junk mail)

      3) Never got a reasonable explanation despite multiple attempts with Customer Service.

      It's a really hard pill to swallow.  $135.99 to cancel a service I never really wanted in the first place except to be able to use what I had already paid for.  The whole thing is terrible customer service.  Has anyone had any luck with this type of situation because I am at my wits end?