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    How do you Get Digital Images from your Camera to your Computer?

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional
      Are you shooting with flash cards, tethered from camera to computer with a wire, transmitting via WiFi, or do you have a cloud resource?


      Once you’ve capture the images are you ready to do a rough cut? Do you load everything (the good, the bad, and the way too ugly) into your computer or do you do some in camera editing?



      Speaking of editing, do you rough cut in an app which has finishing tools, such as Adobe Bridge with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) or Adobe Lightroom? If so, do you go right from the capture to your app(s) of choice or is there some in between method like Adobe Photo Downloader?



      BTW: How long has Adobe Camera Raw been around? Version 1.0 was released February 19, 2003. There were digital cameras then? Besides the very experimental Nikon D1 on June 15 1999, and D1x, February 5, 2001, Canon made big waves with their EOS 1D in November of 2001, as did Nikon on February 21, 2002, with a more affordable D100. However, the real magic started to happen, for professional shooters, when Canon delivered their 1Ds on September 24, 2002.



      So, yes, by the time ACR arrived, there were a few digital photographers ready to put it to good use. But, many many changes have happened to digital capture in the past 14-½ years, so we’re curious as to how you’re handling things, now.