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    Long video clip challenge

      I have a video clip that has over two hundred animated elements, that I need to make selectable for the end user.
      Is there any other way other than creating 200 individual cast members, and then animating each cast members region to match the elements in the background video. The problem is that my video clip is 12 min long and in order to match the timing of the cast member to the appropriate part of the video, I'm having to extend the video sprite the entire length of the movie (about 21,000 frames give or take a thousand), does anyone know of an easier way. By the way I'm using MPEG Advace extra with my MPEG 2 video file, for what it's worth.

      Thank you for any help,
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          With Mpeg Advance, you can save cuepoints wherever you want to have
          something sync up. Check the docs. There is a page about how to use
          them. I have used this to time external audio with the video that is

          You should not even try to sync stuff to a video using score animation.
          That will play at different speeds on different machines. Just put
          the Mpeg Advance sprite in one frame with a 'go to the frame' frame
          script. Have a behavior script on the Mpeg Advance sprite that checks
          for mostRecentCuePoint or cuePassed.

          You could also use the currentTime property to sync stuff without using
          cue points.