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    Button to popup a video


      Hi all, in previous discussion Mouseover hover area is way off where I have problem with the cursor mouseover & thanks to Colin Holgate that help me solve it, but now i want to continue to make it click to play a video.


      I would like to make the colored box that when clicked there will be a video (video01.mp4) popup & play it.


      The video will not in the timeline because there will be a long duration video, it can be external (in the same dir with .fla file)


      Here is the .swf file & the source file for your reference


      I have to submit the draft tomorrow, please help me


      I have roaming around google & this forum but unable to understand it, i am a beginner in adobe animate,

      it will be nice if can tell me step by step.


      Thank you.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The easiest solution would be to place an FLVPlayback component on a frame in a movieclip (in frame 2). Have stop(); in frame 1, then when you want to show the video you would do gotoAndStop(2) to send the movieclip to frame 2, where the FLVPlayback is.


          In AS3 desktop SWFs the FLVPlayback can play H.264/AAC external files, and most MP4s you will find are like that. Select the FLVPlayback and in Properties set its source to be the video in the same folder.

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            iezqandarzulqarnaen Level 1

            Yayy!! it's working, the video played, but receive output msg;


            TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

            at redwood_machinery_floor_home_fla::MainTimeline/fl_MouseOutHandler_3()


            am using the "fl_MouseOutHandler_3" to stop veneer_base_animate in veneer_base MovieClip once hoverout


            veneer_base.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, fl_MouseOutHandler_3);


            function fl_MouseOutHandler_3(event:MouseEvent):void


            trace("Moused out");