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    Have .vob video files in 720:480 ratio format that i need help burning onto a Blu-Ray disc

    Bond, J.

      Hoping someone can help me here. Im a total rookie so make an answer dummy proof in easy lingo terms    Am using Premier Elements 15 with a Windows 7 PC (all specs make it useable). I have numerous ".vob" type video files that I want to burn onto a Blu-Ray "50GB", but that's really a 46.6GB available disc. I've read on a few sites its possible to fit about 20hrs of SD content on a 50GB disc but cant find anyone talking about how to do it. My files total about 18 hours, are 46.86GB worth of content, and all are recorded in 720:480 with a data rate of 6000kbps, total bitrate of 6192kbps, frame rate of 29fps, and have a .vob filename extension. Their audio is bitrate 192kbps, 2 stereo channels, with 48kHz sample rate. Each file ranges from 200MB to 4GB in size so all that, plus needing to import some photos to create menu screens, and im wondering if I need to compress a couple of them to fit my 46.86GB onto the 46.6GB disc?? Do the files need to be changed to a different type to achieve this?? I'm REALLY hoping to somehow fit ALL these videos on a single disc while maintaining the same quality they're in now. I viewed the files through my computer while using my 55" widescreen TV as a monitor and they looked/sounded great!!! Im assuming, but not sure, the black side fill-ins have already been added to them so the 4:3 video doesn't get stretched and cropped to fit on a 16:9 screen so no video editing needs to be done (preserve the videos 4:3 aspect ratio btw). I want my end result to be able to play the Blu-ray disc of files on my PS3, XBOX, etc. Someone help!!!! I'll buy you an ice cream