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    preventing .swf re-download using director?

      hi, it may sound a newbie question, but here it goes...
      i am trying some tests here using director , and one of them is this script inside a button :

      var WEB = " http://www.interama.net/incorporated/teste.swf";
      var ID = preloadNetThing(WEB);
      function mouseUp()
      if ( netDone(ID) )
      var tempMemberRef = _movie.newMember("Flash");
      sprite(2).member = tempMemberRef;

      as you can see, the first thing that director will do is try to preload a .swf located in the link passed inside WEB.
      however, something that i would like to do is :

      HOW can i prevent director to RE-download the .swf IF the user, after closing the webpage, open it again...
      after all, i believe the .swf will be in the cache of the system, wont it? so, how could i make director "find out" that he doesnt need to download again the .swf since it is already in its cache?

      thanks for your time,