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    Tutorials Missing, continued...

      Referencing the previous question around completed1.mxml and completed2.mxml, the Getting Started PDF references a file called flex-data-services.xml file located in the WEB_INF/flex directory. My default installation of Flex2B3 does not include such a directory. I have also searched in the FDS2 directory to no avail. Can someone please help me by detailing the steps necessary to get this file, install this and all dependent files appropriately, and to get the file's location?

      Many thanks!
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          GadgetGuruKen Level 1
          The Flex2_Getting_Started.PDF file contains a typo. The file is actually called "flex-data-service.xml" and not "flex-data-serviceS.xml" and is located in the default installation directory: C:\fds2\jrun4\servers\default\samples\WEB-INF\flex.

          The standard installation of FDS 2 does include the "notes" destination ID and does not require modification as cited on page 192 and 193 in the aforementioned PDF file.