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    Indesign pagine mastro / Indesign Master Pages


      Buongiorno ho un documento in Indesign dove le intestazioni nelle pagine mastro sono orientate a destra e a sinistra della pagina (in base se la pagina affiancata si trova a destra o a sinistra), spesso devo modificare l'intestazione localmente, facendo così perde il riferimento della mastro, così se io aggiungo una pagina prima, la pagina che ho modificato slittando da destra a sinistra non mi mantiene il posizionamento che vorrei continuasse a seguire (come in pagina mastro...) c'è un metodo in cui si riesca a modificare il testo localmente e che questo continui a seguire il posizionamento della pagina mastro? spero di essere stato abbastanza chiaro grazie mille

      allego foto con specifiche



      Hello, I have a document in Indesign where headers in the master pages are oriented to the right and left of the page (depending on the side on the left or right), I often have to change the header locally, thus losing the master reference , So if I add a page before, the page I edited by sliping from right to left I do not keep the placement I would like to continue (as in the master page ...) there is a method where you can edit the Text locally and that this keeps track of the master page placement? I hope to have been fairly clear thank you so much

      I attach photos with specifications



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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you just need to change the text in the running header to match the chapter title or the contents on the page, etc., look up "text variables" in the Help. With text variables you would not need to override master-page text frames at all, and so there would be no issue.


          Here's a link: Learn how to number pages, chapters, and sections in InDesign



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            nicolavc4 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply!!! I looked at the link mentioned but maybe I did not understand ... the text I have to add to the header of each page does not match any title or other text on the page, so I have to customize each page by hand ... the problem is that If the customer subsequently asks me to add the first pages I find that what should be aligned to dx is in sx and vice versa, so i have to fix all the subsequent headers ... i would like to automatically reposition them in the correct position as from pag Master ... I do not know if it's feasible. Thanks again



            grazie per la risposta!!! ho guardato il link menzionato ma forse non ho capito... il testo che devo aggiungere all'header di ogni pagina non corrisponde a nessun titolo o altro testo presente nella pagina, quindi devo personalizzare ogni pagina a mano... il problema è che se il cliente successivamente mi chiede di aggiungere delle pagine prime mi trovo che quello che dovrebbe essere allineato a dx si trova a sx e viceversa, così devo sistemare tutti gli header successivi... vorrei che in automatico si riposizionassero nella posizione corretta come da pag mastro... non so se sia fattibile. Grazie ancora

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              Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

              If it's just a matter of having the text (whatever adjustments you made) be opposed to the spline, then draw a frame whose the size matches the width from left margin to right margin. Then set the paragraph Style justification to be opposed to the spline.

              That way, your text will always be relocated to the opposite side of the spline no matter what the page side is.

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                Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

                Alas, by my experience there is no way to automatically "shuffle" left-side centric and right-side centric master pages to re-conform to left-hand (even) and right-hand (odd) master page formats. And depending on how elaborate — e.g. using multiple masters to lay out different types of content in the same .indd file — your layouts are, you may not want it to.


                There are a couple of things you can do to minimize the impact of this, though:


                1) Keep sections of long .indd files small and combine the end product using InDesign's Book functions. This doesn't fix the problem, but it does minimize the damage when it occurs by affecting smaller chunks of the long document rather than the whole dang thing.


                2) Whenever adding the page(s) occurs, manually re-shuffle the subsequent affected pages immediately. Putting it off will only make fixing the problem more difficult and vulnerable to errors further downstream. It doesn't matter whether the process offers a tangible payoff (billable) or just aggravation (non-billable), fixing it immediately will save you bigger problems later in the production process.


                All is not lost, though. You can suggest that Adobe offer an option to "shuffle" spread-based master page assignments by, say, offering a check box in the Layout>Numbering & Section Options... dialog box and the Book panel repagination dialogs. Adobe is always looking for ways to make their products better, and you can make your suggestions by clicking on the following link and filling out a feature request form:


                Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                Wish I had better news for you, but this is about as good as it gets.



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                  Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Instead of making the text in the headers aligned left or right, instead align them away from spine.




                  Click Align Towards Spine or Align Away From Spine.


                  • When you apply Align Towards Spine to a paragraph, text on a left-hand page is right-aligned, but when the same text flows onto (or if the frame is moved to) a right-hand page, it becomes left aligned. Similarly, when you apply Align Away From Spine to a paragraph, text on a left-hand page is left aligned, while text on a right-hand page is right aligned.

                    In vertical frames, aligning to or away from the spine has no effect, since text alignment is parallel to the spine direction.

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                    nicolavc4 Level 1

                    thank you so much!!! It seems to me that this is the solution to my problem. Thanks again