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    Evening out light across an image


      Hi All,

      Long time reader but first time poster on these forums so let me start by saying "Hello" to all.


      I'm looking for a little advice from you experts out there please with something that is driving me crazy. I've got a lot of textures that I've had scanned at 150dpi @ 100cm x 200cm in size. The detail within the scans is excellent but there's one element to them that is letting them down, a light top edge and sometimes left edge. The end use for them is to be rendered into 3d models as carpet on the floor. The light edges are causing me a real problem because once the tiles are repeated out the lighter elements stand out like a sore thumb. Colour accuracy is critical and this must not be altered with any fix for the light edges.


      I've read many solutions online but none of them seem to work for me. They either alter the overall appearance too much or end up altering the colour.


      Original image can be downloaded here: Shared Files - Acrobat.com


      An example of an original scan is here:

      Original Image.jpg


      An example of the same scan with the offset filter applied is here. The light top and left edges are clearly visible (and horrible ). The white rectangle has been placed on the image by me to highlight the problem area.

      With filter.jpg


      If I haven't supplied enough info then just feel free to ask :-)


      Anyone with any ideas as to how I can begin to tackle this problem would instantly (for what it's worth!) become my Photoshop hero!


      Many thanks in advance for your input.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I woulkd suggest fixing it at the source on your scanner - put a black backing sheet behind everything and work in a dark room to prevent those light leaks. Also make sure the scanner is heated up long enough and doesn't suffer from mechanical problems that may cause stutter. Otherwise you can try to fix the luminance by separating the channels, using Image --> Calculations and blurring the luma, then recombine the channels. Working in Lab color mode may help, too.



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            Filmoss Level 1

            Thank you. The scanning is complete now so I can't really make any changes to the setup there, unfortunately.


            I've just tried having a play with the channels but again it just doesn't seem to correct the image enough for it to tile out acceptably, it's wholly possible that may be down to user error and my lack of finesse/knowledge.


            Does anyone have any alternative suggestions please?