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    Reduced audio quality in rendered video


      Hello everybody,


      I'm new to After Effects and I've been using After Effects CC 2014 to render a music video with multiple video effects such as an audio spectrum visualization. The video quality of the rendered master file is superb! But regarding the most important part of a music video I've got a problem.. The audio of the rendered master file sounds worse then the audio file I used in the After Effects project.


      I've read that you're supposed to use .wav audioformats in After Effects projects and so I've converted the original .mp3 file to a .wav file and used that in my project instead, but even then I keep on having this problem with the audio quality. The original audio file is 48000hz and 16 bit. I've tried rendering to .avi and .mov (Quicktime, DNxHD codec) both with audio set at 48000hz and 16 bit. The .avi master file sounds slightly better, yet worse then the original .mp3 and .wav files.


      Does anybody know how to resolve this problem? If more information is needed, just ask. Resolving this problem would mean a lot!