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    Lr Mobile imports Raw only

    ketilr60696721 Level 1

      I shoot JPG+RAW in my X-T10 camera and import photos to my IPAD using a Lightning to SD card reader. In Lr mobile on my IPAD, when adding photos from the Camera Roll, only the raw file gets imported. Is there anyway I can get Lr Mobile to import both the raw and the jpg file from the Camera Roll / Photos app?


      Both the raw and jpg files are clearly imported to the Photos app from the SD card. E.g., when exporting the photo on the desktop version of Photos I get both a .jpg and .raf file.

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          greule Adobe Employee

          When you have both, raw+jpg, listed in your photos app normally Lr Mobile should be able to import. Do you have the "Photos"+"Raws" filter enabled within the LrMobile camera roll? - Guido

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            ketilr60696721 Level 1



            Thanks a lot for trying to help me.


            When in the Lr Mobile camera roll I have both the “Photos” and the “Raws” filter enabled under the settings (pressing the 3 dots in the top right corner.). Disabling the “Raws” filter and having the “Photos” filter active only does not seem to have any effect, all photos, including those taken with my ipad/iphone camera (jpg) is still showing. Interestingly enough, enabling only the “Raws” filter all the images disappear. Even the ones I have exported from my camera which is clearly marked with a “Raw” written inside a white box in the thumbnail.


            It should be noted that while the photo app on the IPAD does not provide any information on whether the photo is the raw file or the jpg file, it clearly displays the jpg file. E.g. Importing a photo from my camera which is taken in jpg+raw with the jpg being black and white, the black and white photo is shown in the photos app. The B&W version even shows in the Lr Mobile camera roll, but still only the raw file is imported to Lr Mobile.


            I am looking for other settings in Lr Mobile, Lr Desktop, and the Photo apps that could possible change this behaviour but I cannot find anything.


            If only shooting jpg in the camera, the jpg photo is imported to Lr Mobile without any problems.

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              I have the same problem. Only the raw files is available for import. I checked with Google Photos and in the camera roll, the .JPG is present and when I import in LRM, only the .RAF file shows up. Sometimes, all I wish to do is ajust the contrast so having the RAW files is not helpful since I loose all camera film simulation.


              Thanks for helping!

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                ketilr60696721 Level 1



                I have still not solved this issue, and it seems like I am not alone. Are there anyone who is able to import both jpg+raw into Lr Mobile from Photos on the IPAD? As of now, I am only able to import the Raw photos even though both jpg and raw is present in the photos app.


                Most recent upgrad of IOS and Lr Mobile has not change this.


                This limitation makes my workflow on the IPAD less valuable, in particular when traveling without a laptop.




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                  I have same issue as well. Importing from X-100F using SD card reader gives me the jpg (b/w) in the camera roll and the raw in LR. Hope there's a solution... anyone?

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                    I’ve had same problems lately. I also use Apple sd reader. I used to be able to import the RAW into Lightroom Mobile. Currently, Lightroom sees the RAW from the camera roll. When I’m done selecting RAW and import into Lightroom Mobile. It’s a jpg and not the RAW. It seems iOS updates broke it.

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                      Jason Odell Level 1

                      Same issue here running iOS 11.2.6


                      For RAW/JPEG pairs, thumbnails are not displayed unless the "Photos" filter is enabled (they are hidden if you only choose "RAW')

                      All thumbnails show the "RAW" badge

                      All files imported appear to be RAW files.


                      It would be useful for people who shoot RAW+JPEG onto a single card to have the option to download either file type, as Photos for iOS currently doesn't have a RAW/JPEG filter (it always downloads both into a single preview).

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                        I have a variant of this issue, but Lightroom will only import the jpeg (despite showing the RAW button on all the photos, and importing straight raw with no problem). It is completely breaking my ability to work with LR Mobile, and this isn’t the first issue i’ve had.


                        Can we get an update on a fix please?

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                          sjm88 Level 1

                          So the “only imports as JPEG” issue seems now resolved, only to revert back to “only imports the RAW—discards the JPEG entirely”.


                          Lightroom will not import RAW+JPEG pairs, only the RAW file. It makes the iPad app more or less completely useless for managing my photos, as I shoot a lot of black and white, and cannot import them into lightroom.


                          This has gone on for absolutely ages, and I’m so sick of it. This should be day one functionality—RAW+JPEG is well supported in LR ”Classic”, so what is the issue here?

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                            Same situation here; however, if I create a cloud Shared folder in Photo, then add those pictures to this cloud Shared folder, only JPEG version will be uploaded. 


                            Now go back to LR, do "Add Photos", then "Camera Roll"; instead of selecting picturefrom the screen (which is your picture stored locally, which has "RAW" badge on them), click the blue "Camera Roll" on the top of the screen, the cloud folder name should appeare in the pull down. Select the Share folder you just created, import the pictures from this folder, they should be JPEG format.  Afterwards, you should have both JPEG and RAW in your LR library.


                            I hope there is a easier way of doing this, but so far my only work around.

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                              enigmaimages Level 1

                              When will someone from Adobe Lightroom answer this problem?

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                                greule Adobe Employee

                                With the Lr Mobile 3.2. release the import is related to the filter you set within the camera roll browser (can be changed via the 3-dot menu). When you shoot RAW+JPEG and you have only "Photos" selected the JPED will be imported and when you have only RAW selected the RAW will be imported.


                                Am I right that your wish is to have both imported?



                                Guido/ Lr Mobile QE

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                                  enigmaimages Level 1

                                  Hi yes I’d like to import both jpeg and raw.

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                                    It seems that Lightroom mobile cannot handle simultaneously RAW and JPEG files. I’ve done several tests on my iPad.

                                    -Import photos Through lightning to SD card reader

                                    -open Lightroom mobile

                                    -import from camera roll

                                    -when I filter for  « photos » + « raw » only raw versions appear (indicated by the little sticker on the thumbnail )

                                    -when I filter for « photos » only , only jpeg versions appear

                                    -when I filter for « raw » only , NO files appear !!! 


                                    I’ve tried importing sepparerly (ie sequentially ) jpeg and raw files.

                                    BUT , it seems that whichever is imported first , that is the one that stays.


                                    when I import the jpeg file first (ie by filtering for “photos” only) then it’s impossible to import the raw file next (by filtering for “photos“ + “raw” in the import menu). Lightroom says “file imported successfully “ , but the raw version (from the second import) is nowhere to be found.


                                    The same happens when I try the import the  other way round. ie when I import the raw file first , then it‘s Impossible to import the jpeg file. Lightroom says again “file imported successfully“ but the jpeg file is nowhere to be found !!


                                    HUGE BUG !! It’s mindblowing that with all the buzz around mobile , ADOBE has not addressed this problem for months !!!!

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                                      Any news to that topic? @Adobe: Do you have an answer for this?