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    TeomanOkay Level 1

      I have a question. We have banners from 1,20 by 1,00 meters.

      I just don't know which format size I need to use on photoshop if we want to paint on the banners.


      Can somebody help me?

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          Just for clarity - do you already have the banner document - if so just open it.

          Or, are you going to create a banner from scratch, meant to be printed at a size of 1.2 x 1 metre?

          Will the content be text and "simple" graphics - made up of shapes etc or will it be images such as photographs?



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            olga.dav Adobe Community Professional


            To create a document 1 meter x 1,2 meter size in Photoshop CC, you should

            • create a new document: I would choose "Graphic and Illustration" tab in the menu
            • then enter your own custom format 100cm by 120cm
            • choose the orientation of the ducument you want
            • depending on the quality and type of the graphic you are going to use, choose the resolution. Normaly, for vector graphics and Illustration I choose 300ppi.




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              Danny Whitehead. Level 4

              That will be a pretty big file. That's why you don't create entire banners in Photoshop, and if you do, you don't work at finished size.


              To the OP, is the a banner that you're creating artwork for, which will be printed elsewhere? If so, ask them for artwork specifications.

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                Jbarrigon Level 2

                If i work with this kind of big files, it depends on how you are going to print, normally if i sent it to a plotter i create a file half of the size in this case a 60x50 cm 300dpi resolution and save the file with the format "photoshop large documents" (psb).


                Hope this help

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                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  https://forums.adobe.com/people/Danny+Whitehead.  wrote


                  That will be a pretty big file. That's why you don't create entire banners in Photoshop, and if you do, you don't work at finished size.


                  There's no reason that should be a particularly big file. Contrary to what most people assume, you won't need anywhere near 300ppi for these large sizes, because it will be seen from much further away than a book or magazine spread.


                  For photography, a basic rule of thumb is that a native camera file from a good, current DSLR (6000-7000 pixels long side) will work for anything, at any physical size. The bigger the size, the lower the resolution requirements.


                  And there is not, ever, any particular reason to work at anything other than full size, 1:1. What would you gain by working at reduced size? Nothing at all, it just causes unnecessary confusion.

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                    Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                    I was referring to Olga's suggestion of 1:1 @ 300ppi. I suppose it's not unworkably large, but the chances are the viewing distance will make it unnecessary.


                    There are definitely times when it's better, or absolutely necessary, to work at a percentage of the final size, especially for large format work. It's usually in the artwork specs for billboards, for instance. You'll run into all sorts of trouble trying to work at 1:1 (maximum type size for instance) for really big stuff.

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                      D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      InDesign and Illustrator both have hard limits for print size, so there you may have to. I've made a few banners in ID this way, and I hate it every time, because I have to do these translations in my head while working.