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    Text forces multiline?

      I'm trying to make some textfields in flex, using the Text component, but i want to disable the multiline thing, and make it autosize, but those features seems to have disappeared. I made a crazy hack that really destroys performands by reading the render event on a textfield and calculate the text width and set the width of the textfield. But i really don't want to do this on all my fields...

      Any ideas and solutions to this?

      And yeah, this uses both flex and as3, but mostly as3, therefore i put it in this category...
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          ur_dtrain Level 1
          Try (if your are using a TextField as the base) setting the instances autoSize property to :


          This forces the left margin to "stick" and the right to size as necessary. This same property is available in Flash as well. If you have multiple instances that you want to treat this way, use css (either apply to all TextFields, or assign a specific styleclass to each).

          Edit: Also to qoute the docs "If you leave both the width and the height unspecified, Flex will calculate them based on any explicit line breaks in the text, with no wordwrapping within lines."

          Text docs