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    problem with android adobe offline.


      i have a lot of PDFs bigger than 50mb uploaded to adobe cloud,but i have a problem with offline PDFs.

      If I download a PDF, say bigger than 50MB , previous PDFs will be deleted from my device.

      I have a lot of space on my phone and i don't want to redownload every PDF everytime!!!


      andoid Adobe acrobat.

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Jinglei207,


          If I understand correctly, the file that you have downloaded are in the device or you are referring to the Acrobat Reader app?

          Also, form where are you downloading these files, is it through the Document Cloud storage or from some other source?

          As mentioned the previous files are getting deleted, so that should not be the case until you are not working online.

          You may check File size limitations this might somewhere relate to the that.


          Help us with more details to understand it better.