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    Video Timeline Audio Slow To Play


      I've been having this issue for MONTHS now, and nearly daily I've been searching for a solution.


      I will import audio into the timeline, and that will work great, and load in normally. But when I try to play it, it takes a second then loads for nearly a minute with the loading icon. This is an issue, as I need the audio to work correctly to animate certain things.

      This is only a problem when I have audio. When I don't it starts immediately with no problems.


      There's probably a really easy solution to this, which could be why I can't find anything about it, but I'm fairly new with photoshop and not great with computers.

      I'd greatly appreciate if someone would help me.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You provided very little info.  I do not do video but I just downloaded a 10MB Mp4 video and a Music Mp3. I opened the Mp4 in Photoshop CC 2017 and added the Mp3 music as an audio track.  When I clicked the play button the playback started immediately I could hear the mp4 sound track and the Mp3 audio track. Video Playback was smooth and the audio was clear. I did not render out a video.  If you can get your animation working.  You could render out an Mp4 without sound then open the mp4 you rendered out in Photoshop and add an audio track to it.  You would want the sound effects to be in the right places.  I would think the normal way to do that is get the video edited and working first then add the sounds where the should be in the video.  Like  Hollywood does. You may need a better video editor the Photoshop to sync the audio better. Photoshop only does basic video editing.


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