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    How to fix shooting with a Too Fast Shutter Speed in Post?

    audio90 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I spend a few days shooting some video clips on my Nikon DSLR and make the rookie mistake of using the shutter speed to control exposure (I know to leave it at 1/50, but hadn't shot video for a while) and now, after shooting at faster shutter speeds, my video look jittery. Not over jittery, but enough that I notice a jitter/flicker rather than smooth motion of pans or of people talking to the camera.


      I am using Premiere Elements 11. Is there any thing that can smooth out the video for me? I read about using motion blur to give the sharp jittery video a slight blurr, but my version of elements doesn't have that.


      Do the later versions have motion blurr and will it work 100% to make the video look good?


      Anyway, any advice on how to "fix it in post" is appreciated. If there are any third party apps or software that can help, please let me know.