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    Imported photos what exactly happens to them?

    Str8aero Level 1

      I'm a long time LR user and have recently got much more serious about LRM.  Bought a 500 GB iPad Pro and intend to use it instead of a laptop when traveling.


      So I have been doing a lot of testing of loading photos directly onto the iPad with the Apple USB3 to Lightning Camera adapter.  Mostly always Raw files to be edited in LRM mobile (Technology Preview) and synced to LR on my Mac.  I have been impressed at how it works in that the Raw files, after being imported on the iPad, get uploaded to the Mac.  It appeared that the original Raw files stayed on the iPad for editing, and the edits synced, etc.  I also created some collections of photos on LR on the Mac and synced them down to LRM and the Smart Previews showed up there.


      Maybe I would have had similar questions anyway, but the was an update to LRM this week v2.8.0 (great update BTW!), and I have come up with several questions that I cannot seem to find any reliable answers.


      1.)  I believe there was an option LRM settings in the previous release that was for 'Load Full Resolution'.  That does not appear anymore as an option in Settings... am I correct, or am I missing something?  If it is gone, what is it replaced with, or how do I ensure I have full resolution photos retained for editing (for those imported)?


      2.)  Not sure if it is new, but there is now an option (clicking on the three dots to the right of a collection) the 'Enable Offline Editing'.  When I click on it it says it is going to use some space on the iPad to store photos????  This even shows up for collections of photos that I imported directly to the device.  I don't understand if I have already imported photos directly to the device, aren't they already there?  Also for those collections where Smart Previews were downloaded from LR on the Mac, aren't those Smart Previews already there?  This option seems very confusing?


      3.) If I open a collection of photos that were raw images imported directly into the iPad (where I had enabled 'Enable Offline Editing') and then click on an image (with the option to show information), when that image opens, it shows as a Smart Preview... there is activity in the little cloud symbol at the top of the page, then a green checkmark, and then the image changes to show it is an 'original'.  Interestingly this same behavior occurs even I break my internet connection by shutting off wi-fi. So where is it getting the image from and why isn't it there already?


      If I loaded images directly onto the device, I just want them to be there to edit.  I'm hoping someone can tell me what all is going on here, what is happening to these photos and what do these options mean?




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          selondon Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Rick,


          As you probably know, Photos imported into and taken with LrM upload Full Res to the Cloud (and back down to LrD if you are synced).


          If you Clear Cache for instance, only thumbnails will remain on your device taking up less space. (If you haven't, the Original Full Res may still be in the LrM on your device).




          1) You're correct, 'Load Full Resolution' has gone. If you are connected to the internet, the Original Full Res will download when you access it them edit. (This is dependent on the Cellular Data Settings in the App but will always do it over wifi).


          2) 'Enable Offline Editing' was previously there. The thinking is that if you are away from an internet connection and want to edit, you will need to download the Original Full Res (if required) before you lose the internet, as you won't be able to access the Cloud. It should say Original not Smart Preview, this may be a bug I think. (Although Smart Previews are just as good to edit I guess, but may be wrong). The edits will sync back on reconnection. (Again, whether it will download Original or Smart Preview should be determined by the data settings).


          3) The Original Full Res image may still be on your device (as well as in the Cloud). I think the 'Smart Preview' text before 'Original' is just a process it goes through?


          That's to the best of my knowledge! I presume LrM may do some auto cache cleaning (otherwise the space on your device will max out) but cannot find any details on this.


          Hope this helps.

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            Str8aero Level 1

            Thanks you for the response.

            So, does that mean that when I import Raw photos to Photos on my iPad, then import them into LRM on my iPad, the original photos get synced to CC (I have looked and the collections there show the full original images), but that LRM on my device then replaces the image stored on the device with a Smart Preview?  If I then go to edit that image, LRM downloads the original back from CC?


            The only way to get the original(s) stored on the device is to enable the 'Enable Offline Editing'?  Even though, as I pointed out, when I first open the image it still shows it as a 'Smart Preview', then after some cloud activity it changes to 'Original'.  That may be a bug - especially when I have turned off wi-fi (no cellular on my iPad) it still does the same thing?


            I really would like to get confirmation of how this all really works so I can properly deal with it!  I purposely bought the iPad with 500GB of storage intending to have original photos loaded on the iPad for editing while away from home on photo trips.  I looked to see if there was an option to shut off syncing on the iPad - something I could while traveling to presumably keep the original there - but I don't see an option to pause or suspend syncing on the iPad?  That option exists on LR on the desktop, but I'm guessing shutting that off before leaving on a trip would not stop the iPad from syncing with CC and not fix my problem.

            Shutting off wi-fi on my iPad could do it, but then I lose mail and messages and Internet browsing.  I tried signing out of LRM (CC?) on my iPad, but that disables LRM altogether.


            Again, I'm hoping someone can explain how this all really works so I can be prepared to deal with it - and any tips or insight how to best accomplish what I want to do!