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    Validator validate error

      I've got a problem with validator validate function. It doesn't return any results.

      Please tell me if you know what i'm doing wrong or if it's a bug. Thanks

      Code looks like this:

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          Erxar Level 1
          It's worse then error! It actually meant to work like this. I'm filled with many *bad* feelings right now but I won't comment on this further ...

          Here's another problem:

          I'd like to connect validator to list component and validate if it has more then one item in dataProvider:

          var numberValidator:NumberValidator = new NumberValidator();
          numberValidator.minValue = 1;
          numberValidator.property = "dataProvider.length";
          numberValidator.source = list; // of type List
          numberValidator.lowerThanMinError = "Moar!";

          Of course this won't work since "dataProvider.length" is not a list's property. Does anyone know how to make it properly? Thanks