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    Need Advice on Video Rig

    Civil Service Cog

      Hello, great and powerful Adobe Community.  I'm hoping someone can help me compare some specs.  I put in for two new workstations fitted out as hot rods to handle video production.  Our IT department questioned whether we needed anything as powerful as what I asked for and counter offered with a configuration they have in stock.  The fact is that I'm not a tech head and don't really know, I just took the best components Dell had on offer while trying to avoid total sticker shock.  I don't expect an opportunity to upgrade for quite some time and want all the machine I can reasonably use.  Currently, we mostly do basic video production (talking heads in front of green screens) with some modest animation and special effects.  Current render times average about 2-3 hours to render roughly three minutes of video.  However, we've just been handed a multi-year project that will call for much more ambitious productions.


      The main difference between what I put in for and what they offered is the processor.  The machine I put in for has an Intel Xeon Processor E5-2697 v4 (18 core, 2.3 GHz, 3.6GHz Turbo, 2400MHz, 45MB, 145W).  I realize that's a sick processor.  The machine they're offering (and which they tell me will offer similar performance) has an Intel i7-7700 3.6GHz (4 Core, 4.2GHz turbo).  My questions are:


      • Is the Xeon processor extreme overkill, or do I want that much processing power for video and animation?
      • Will the i7 processor they're pushing on me actually offer similar performance?  When I compare specs and price points, this seems impossible.


      If the XEON is more than I need and the i7 has enough muscle to get me quick render times and real time processing of effects and filters, I can live with that.  But I think I could get the Xeon if I push for it.  I want as much power as I can get, but not more than I realistically need.  What do you guys think?  Can anyone offer me any solid advice on how to approach this?  Any insight would be appreciated.