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    Camera Raw doesn't update in LR

    christophk73625867 Level 1


      I have trouble opening RAW files from my Nikon D5.


      I have a new MacBook, so system and everything is "fresh"

      MacOSX: 10.12.5



      Here are my exact steps:

      1. installed Application Manager

      2. downloaded Photoshop (he downloaded automatically Camera Raw and put it in the applications)

      3. downloaded Bridge

      4. downloaded Lightroom

      now, in Photoshop and Bridge everything worked fine, but LR always says "cant regognize Raw", so I checked and my LR says "CameraRaw 9.0"

      (I didnt check what Bridge or Photoshop were saying). So then:

      5. downloaded CameraRaw 9.10

      -> cant open image in LR, because it still says "9.0". PS & Bridge: "9.10"

      6. deinstalled just LR

      now PS & Bridge say "no CameraRaw installed" (wtf?!?)


      7. downloaded LR again, restarted

      8. installed CameraRaw 9.10, restarted


      9. still everything like before:

      LR says CameraRaw 9.0

      PS & Bridge: 9.10


      When I'm trying to import a file, he says "cant regognize Raw". Below it says "search for Update" but when I click on it he always says "version-check not successful because either you dont have internet or the update-servers are not available." (I'm paraphrasing)