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    Removing print (type) from photos


      I posted this on the discussions for the Bridge forum, but now I see should have posted my question here first.


      I have the Photoshop for a week's free trial, but before I purchase it, I'd like know - how do you remove printing from photos (in other words, leave the background)? I 'm having trouble trying to figure that out.


      Anyone's help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          If the type is on its own layer, you can simply delete the Type layer. Open Window > Layers to find out.

          Photoshop CCss_001.png


          If you have an image with type over the background but there is just one layer in the Layers panel, then the background pixels have been removed from the image and replaced with pixels in the shape of the text. You will have to rebuild the background behind the letterforms, using some of the content aware tools and cloning.
          Photoshop CCss_002.png

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            Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

            The answer to your question is YES, you can remove type from an image. Although it can sometimes be tricky, depending on the image.

            In the worst case scenario, the type will be part of the image, rather than on a separate layer.

            If that is the situation, this is how I would approach it:

            Zoom in and select one of the letters.

            Choose Select > Modify > Expand. How much you expand the selection depends on the resolution of the image. It doesn't need to be very much.

            Then choose Edit > Fill > Content Aware.

            Depending on the image, you may need to touch up the results a bit.

            As you can see, Photoshop can usually do a good job removing type.

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