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    Technical error - New in forum


      Hello everyone, I'm new here and also to photography. I just uploaded a picture and it got rejected.


      It was rejected because of "Technical error". Could you please list everything that is wrong with the picture? I'll really appreciate any help. I'm trying to get better at this.





      Thanks a lot in advance! Kind regards.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          VaKman  wrote


          Could you please list everything that is wrong with the picture?

          I will try to point out a few things for you. I do see some stuff that might cause it to be rejected.


          I mean, overall it's not a visually interesting image. What is the point of focus? I don't mean sharp vs. blurry; I mean, what are we supposed to be looking at? It's not the cars in the parking lot, it's not the water, and it doesn't seem to be the gulls either. The viewers eye wanders around the picture looking for something to look at, but not really being drawn to anything. The composition of the image just seems like a random snap with no main subject.


          If the intent was to be a general scenic seaside shot, the parking lot and bird poop really take away from the beauty. But even more than that is this little bit of trash underneath the foreground gull.


          Looks to me like a dinglehopper. You can use it to comb your hair!


          As far as technical stuff goes, the foam on the waves and (most egregiously) the flying gull are over exposed.


          See? no detail in the feathers at all.


          I hope that helps.

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            ricky336 Adobe Community Professional

            Also you have chromatic aberration on the gull's tail and fork - it's the purple fringing against the white - that would come under technical error!

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