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    OKAY... why do you offer people to sell ??


      look I'm all for you making your dough ray mi's AKA money !! I've come to your software as a newbie, no longer than 4 months ago. I almost killed my keyboard and computer trying to learn your over zellis product. I have somewhat learned but it's still over my head, I'm still doing 85% of my work flow on my mobile phone .. so much MORE user-friendly. So here I come to this STOCK page where it tells me I might be able to sell something so I say "why not". Now I JUST now found out you had rejected all my ****.... not because I got some kind of NOTICE from the CLOUD thingy you oooh so ******** proud of, no I get fumbling around trying to find out why my pictures are not up !!!? then the greatest thing happens you a ******* gut check me with harsh words and I'm not sure but I think you called me uneducated. LOOOOK IM NEW and if you don't want **** like a gave you then you shouldnt allow anyone to summit, and I have a good idea that my **** is nowhere that good !!! here the thing COMMERCIAL APPEAL BROAD if you can spend the time to glance at something and you POWER to notice it doesn't me your standers then maybe you can take 2 min out of your judging and gavel thumbing and look at the effort and you better word like we like what you had to offer but we are not able to use we can see that you might be in a beginner's phase and might need some  advice, please try back not that crap you fed me !!.

      SO if you don't want NEWBIES to both your mailboxes with un APPEALING crap then maybe you shouldn't let us give you all our tax **** and encourage us just be like all the rest and close it for the advanced !!!!




      NEWBELICIOUS !!!!!!!!!!

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          Blank1er Level 1

          what is correct? I do not even see an answer? seem that answers are as complexed as the damn software...... here we more hours of YouTube vids just to figure out what the hell

          heck that is!!!

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            sjlocke215 Level 2

            You may want to rephrase your post in a more clear and concise manner if you want answers to whatever it is you're asking.

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              Blank1er Level 1

              I do apologize.... I guess me thoughts are faster than me typing. You see I've never finished school, which gives me a hard time understanding these vague answers. Once again no answer just more corrections and pointing out my wrongs. Look I don't need people to point out my short comings, the questions was why do they allow newer or Newbie subscribers to submit **** if there just going to talk **** about it? Then someone  posts two words and what I'm magically transformed into all knowing Adobe boy? Then you bark off and point out that my post maybe have been a little sloppy and if people understood what I was saying maybe I get more answers, but guesswhat but I was pissed I was mad I submitted five pictures all came back with stupid little notes of how my s*** doesn't meet their criteria even one of them said it was underexposed guess what it was supposed to be underexpoosed I took it that way! You see? You understanding it now ....... rephrased enough?

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                sjlocke215 Level 2

                "rephrased enough"


                No, but let me see if I can figure out what you're saying (since it doesn't appear you're asking anything in particular).


                You're upset because you had five images rejected for various reasons.  I don't know if "someone posts two words about it" refers to the rejection reasons, or if you posted something in the critique forum.  If you haven't done the latter, then you should try that, if you want to improve your acceptance rate.  How you "wanted" an image (underexposed) is irrelevant, if it doesn't make for a marketable stock image.


                If you just want to vaguely complain more, by all means, do so, but it won't improve your situation.

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                  MatHayward Adobe Employee

                  You may find it helpful to post some of your rejected content in the critique forum for some constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve. If you haven't done so already, please review the information on possible rejection reasons found here: https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/contributor/help/rejection-reasons.html

                  Reasons for content rejection




                  Mat Hayward

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                    Blank1er Level 1

                    omg winner, winner buy that man a chicken dinner....  thank you, sir !!! damn I was starting to think everyone was some kind of pre judging ******* !!sorry about the launge. I'm not sure what you are directing me to though but your word felt genuine a thought full. Seem that people don't want to give the newbie a hand up but rather push them down !! I have written a few !! letters to ADOBE to only receive short shall and confusing answers. I made it clear that no more then 4 months ago I was a chef of  24 plus year and that I've never touched nor seen any of this software and asked for help nicely the first few times. I never got an answer that reflected my level of knowledge ever told them they should add a level NEWBIE, begainer, then expert. with that said once a gain thank for plain English and not being a smart *** like most of the people here. I'll have to look up what you are talking about I think you me a different form or something if not I'll post it here I don't care i love the pic and so do 99% of my friend and fallower on Instagram.

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                      Blank1er Level 1

                      and you take a note !!! be kind and rewind !!! lol for you 20170712_191254.jpg

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                        Blank1er Level 1

                        Help I have a issue ...... me image that lol. Well no F bombs and no pouting maybe a cuss word or two. So i totally forgotten about all this stuff honestly I read some of it and said oh wth. I have come a long way and now have I think 2 of 3 images on stock.but I have no idea how to sell or price or what have you. Lol don't tell anyone. Ive built a web site and put together a rough portfolio and but a super use Rebel Xt and now I'm make ...... **** nothing lol. The reason I'm back is cause I really think they Did a great job worth the new look so much more user friendly,  but one damn think why do I getvthw **** end of the stick just because I have an android and not a communist Apple thingy. I pay my 9.99 and only get gaff the apps friggginnnng WEAK. I still do 75% of my workflow on my phone and to be about to make stuff on speaks with out having to go gone word rock but I guess I'm just the chew toy.