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    Cancellation fees


      Life long adobe user and current cloud subscriber to photo shop, plus a few other products through another  business account I have.


      Really frustrated with the recent experience I have had with Adobe support at trying to cancel Adobe Stock. I started a free trial period a couple of months ago and downloaded a couple of photos on the day I activated the trial - I have not used it at all since the first day of the trial, which support have been able to confirm by checking my account.


      I forgot to cancel after the trial ended and because I have various other subscriptions with Adobe, it took me a couple of months to realise I was being charge £23.99 a month for Adobe Stock.


      I accept it was my fault, so I thought I would just cancel and suck up the £50 I had lost. Then I stung for a £107.95GBP cancellation fee.....


      So it's cost me £155.93 for a service I have never used. Ok, I  thought support would be able to check my account and when they see I have never used this service, hopefully they would at least refund me the cancellation fee....


      Live support chat on Monday, they checked my account and could see I hadn't used the service. They told me that I would receive an e-mail within 48 hours with details of how to get a refund.


      Five days later and still no e-mail.


      Live chat again today. Explained the problem again, this time they offered me a refund of one month's subscription of £23.99, but told me they were not authorized to refund cancellation fees and offered me no other option to get them back.


      Yes it's my fault for not cancelling, but this is really is a dreadful way to treat a loyal customer, who still maintains other active subscriptions.