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    How to get back from footnotes




      I'm reading an e-book using Adobe Digital Editions. When I click on a link for a footnote mentioned in the text I 'm transfered to the footnotes where a can read that actual footnote. But how do a get back to the page in the text in the book?


      So let's say I'm on page 30 in the book and footnote 7 is mentioned. Then i click on  "7" and I'm transfered to the footnotes where I can read footnote 7. But after  I have looked at  foot note 7 I want to go back to the text in the book. But How do I get back to the page I was reading?


      Of course I can scroll up to page 30 gain. But isn't there a way get back to this page in one click? And let's say I forgot I was on page 30, how do I then get back to this very page? The best would is there was a "back to page" button, or if the footnote was shown in a pop up so I did't have to leave the page in the first place.


      Thanks in advance

      Ola Tengstam, Librarian at Malmo University Sweden