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    Does anyone else feel Creative cloud is no good?


      I've moved over to creative cloud and ever since it has been the worst mistake.


      My work flow is awful., I have to deal with constant crashes, freezing & impossible slow workflow. We use to be able to download older versions like CS3 from the Creative cloud app....one of the reasons they sold the cloud based software to me was that it had that ability but now it only goes to CS6.


      I spend half my time trying to find workarounds to all the issues or figuring out why one day something works a certain way then the next it doesn't.


      Then if you want to actually chat to a support member......well selecting over half of the optional questions put forward means you get pointed back to a forum and unable to speak to the support team.


      I can't be the only one who is suffering? Is anyone else feeling the same?

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which operating system? The Cloud works fine for me on macOS Sierra 10.12.6.


          Out of interest, when did the Cloud go back to CS3? Just curious.

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            nathaliem54895353 Level 1

            Hi John,


            I'm running windows 7. I have other software that I can't run on windows 8 or 10 so I have to stay on Windows 7.


            I'd had problems from the start but it has got progressively worse. I previously downloaded older versions last year.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              I don't have any issues with the CC applications or workflow. I feel grateful most days for how well my applications work together now to make my job faster. I got started in this field in the mid-80s, and I've watched these programs mature. I would never want to go back.


              Are you aware that you can install on operating system using a Virtual Machine to handle older applications? For example, I work in one Windows-only application (Adobe FrameMaker), so I have installed Windows 10 on my Mac using VMWare Fusion. Works great! You might look into that for your situation. This would allow you to upgrade to Windows 10 and current CC apps, while still maintaining the ability to run Windows 7 and the apps that require it.


              Finally, the cloud was introduced at CS6. Prior to CS6 (and including early versions of CS6), all the applications were sold with perpetual licenses, and those have never been available to download through the CC desktop app. CS6 and more recent versions are, of course.

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                KanikaS Adobe Employee

                Hi Nathalie,


                We're sorry for the inconvenience.


                I see you have an active Creative Cloud account under the same ID as with forums.

                Could you please elaborate on the issues you are facing with Creative Cloud? Were you successfully able to install the application?

                Make sure your system is compatible, see: Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements

                We understand you were able to use CS3, however, with Creative Cloud application you can only go back till CS6.


                As you mentioned you had a hard time contacting support, please use this link which might help you connect to support:

                Contact Customer Care


                Feel free to get back to us for any other query.





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