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    PDF document details for batch process

    Sudha K Level 1



           I want to get the PDF document details like document name, page ranges as a report.  I can get the name and page ranges using batch sequences for batch process but I don't know how to write it as csv or xl report.


           When I searching in forum and google, I read it we can do it using menu item calling.  But if we use Menu item we should code for  folder selection, file opening and closing.  How can we process that?


      How can I get the report for pdf files for batch process?


      Batch Sequences Code:


      if(global.dataLine == "undefined")


              global.dataLine = "";  



          var docName = this.documentFileName;

          var startPgNo = this.getPageLabel(0);

          var lastPgNo = this.getPageLabel(this.numPages-1);

          var docPgRange = startPgNo + "-"+ lastPgNo

          app.alert("docPgRange" +docPgRange)

          global.dataLine = global.dataLine + docName + "," + docPgRange + "\n";

          app.alert("dataLine" +global.dataLine);


      - Sudha K