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    Camera RAW problems with newly installed CS6


      Hi there,

      I've installed CS6 today, updated all the software, including the plug-ins, but I can't open up my 5D Mark IV 'CR2' RAW Files in Camera RAW. I keep getting the error message that 'Photoshop cannot open this file'. I've even tried downloading the most up-to-date version of Camera RAW separately and then rebooting, but I'm still receiving the same message. All the software is up-to-date......

      In addition, I'm unable to even open JPEG or TIFFs in Camera RAW. 


      I kept my old version (CS3) installed just in case there was a problem with CS6 - might this be the reason Camera RAW is not responding??? CS6 seemed to have installed without any glitches - it's just Camera RAW that is unresponsive.


      I'd greatly appreciate any help.


      Kindest regards