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    Lightroom Continuous Sync


      For several weeks, LR displays "Synching 3 Photos" in the upper lefthand corner continuously.  I am unsure which 3 photos they are.  I checked if there were any missing photos LR might be trying to sync and failing but this is not the case.  When I add new photos to a synced collection, LR displays the correct sync number and finalizes at still syncing 3 photos.  Upon exiting LR, I receive a message box indicating that the sync process is still in progress and would I like to resume sync upon reopening LR?  I have done this and nothing seems to rectify this problem.  I am running the very latest very of LR and also check for any catalog corruption which provides no errors.


      Any thoughts?  Thank you.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi adamjaye,


          Please check what all files are not syncing? You can do that by opening Preferences>Lightroom mobile>Sync activity. Check this article for more details Problem syncing photos with Lightroom mobile

          Or go to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom sign in and check the collections for black video files with exclamation marks, and then delete those files.




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            adamjaye Level 1

            Hi Akash,


            Thank you for the advice as I had no idea where to find actual sync activity.  That said, it shows I have zero sync activity at this very moment yet, I still show "Syncing 3 photos" in the upper lefthand corner.  Very strange.  Also, I do not show any black video files with exclamation marks on LightroomAdobe.com.


            One thing I notice is two different sync icons to the left of my collections.  The normal arrowed sync icon and that icon with 3 dots below it.  I am assuming the dots indicate "in progress" as I have 3 such icons on 3 separate collections.  Could this be the issue?


            Again, thanks for all your help.