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    Lightroom for mobile (Android) crashes while importing pictures




      I already wrote here but my post got deleted - don't know why.


      Anyway, I'll try to explain one more time what's bugging me: the app (latest version v3.0 - issue already present on earlier versions) works perfectly while editing images, but as soon as I start the import process from an SD card which contains a lot of RAW images (tried with little more than 300) the app crashes and relaunches; it seems like it crashes while generating preview thumbnails. Sadly, I'm not able to import anything.

      Is anyone else experiencing this? Could it be a memory-related issue? If so, would it be possible to add an option to disable previews while importing, and letting the user import checking only the filename?

      I don't know if guys from Adobe read this forum; is there a way to file a bug report?