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    Ruby plugin crashes InDesign (CC 2015)


      Here's a long shot request but I'm out of ideas.


      I have a problem with my Ruby plugin for InDesign.

      It has started crashing InDesign and I can't figure out why.


      This is only happening on one of our workstations and we can't duplicate the problem on another.

      The tech services team knows nothing about Ruby and since there are only four workstations in the company using it, they aren't willing to learn Japanese to figure it out (lazy buggers).


      Some of the variables in this scenario:

      • We're on Macs (the trashcan model)
      • We use a third-party plugin from Loyal Planning Co. LTD in Japan <Loyal Planning Co., Ltd. LCS Dev.>
      • This is our third workstation (we've swapped out the can twice already)
      • We use Japanese CC 2015


      I don't expect anyone will have an answer for this since it is a rather unique situation, but I'm hoping someone may be able to tell me what I should be looking for.

      I have the crash report but I can't discern anything from that wall of text.

      Does anyone have some tips as to phrases I should be searching for in the report that might help me figure this out?