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    Scene Camera (tut of dec '16) Question

    donjojohannes Level 1



      in the Dec '16 tutorial there was a neat way to use a scene camera with the help of keyboard triggers.
      Tried it and it an in principle works great for switching between dialogue cam angles (quick example below). Now the example in the tutorial is a red monster live stream. I see how that can work for simple things but what about more complicated scenes. Where would I activate, trigger and record different puppets as in my case?
      Am I missing something or am I simply pointing to the current limitation of the scene camera workflow (which really is "just" a hack for allowing single puppet live shows within these limitations).


      If the solution of the dec 16 tutorial should not work for me, is there a date yet for a release containing a proper scene cam feature (I remember reading that this was on the table, right?)?

      Is my only option currently compositing the scenes in AE? (a bit more painful when you work on fifteen 30 min episodes)



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hey Johannes, this is looking good as usual!


          Yeah, that trick is a hack and AE is probably your best bet if you want to do cameras for real. Cameras are something we will definitely include in CH at some point, but for now nothing has been publicly announced. I'd go AE for now.

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            donjojohannes Level 1

            Thanks. Yes, I went the AE route and set up a 5 camera comp there to get all the desired shots. Unfortunately I cannot use Premiere, which on my PC is still CS6 (like the rest of the Suite). I imagine it might perform better than AE in terms of speed (real time viewing) by faking the cameras. But for now I only bought AE CC - the only reason being to play with CH (not to sound cheap or anything ;-) ).


            I'm looking forward to the Camera feature when it arrives. Despite a new PC build, AE slows down considerably when I throw a bunch of 4K dynamic links at it together with the rest. But I will make it work.


            Thanks again,