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    Delete files from Lightroom Photos on my iPhone

    Photos by Sergio

      I regularly use my LR camera, DNG file quality, to capture photos with my iPhone. They end up in my "Lightroom Photos" folder on my iPhone and are automatically synchronized to a designated folder in LR Desktop. Whenever I open LR Desktop, I move my files from the designated folder to their folder of final destination in my LR Catalog. Then I can edit my files to my heart's content.

      The only question is that by following this workflow I am left with thousands on photos in my Lightroom Photos folder in my iPhone, including those photos that I have already transferred to their final destination folder. My Lightroom Photos folder is growing by leaps and bounds and I will soon run out of space on my iPhone.

      Is there a way for me to purge my Lightroom Photos folder of the files that I have already transferred to my desktop and thus free up space on my iPhone?

      Thank you for your help.